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We are based on the mission of delivering excellent medical care to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Total Renal Failure through innovative and efficient programs, the latest technology, modern - top of the line - HaemoDialysis equipment and a warm yet professional customer service.


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Nephroxenia Dialysis Center is designed specifically around the requirements of a modern kidney patient.

Here, you are treated as a guest, not just another patient to treat and release. Your stay will be something you might just want to remember.


Since 2005, the technology for cardioprotective online haemodiafiltration (OL-HDF) was available, but as of today, the majority of hospitals still haven't made the switch to this approach.

In Nephroxenia, you can enjoy advanced HDF treatment and its beneficial effects in an unforgettable Mediterranean setting.

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We introduce Greece in the global Holiday Dialysis Map. We give you a reason to choose first class destinations to spend your vacations while making sure you won’t have to worry about your treatment. Sophisticated dialysis rooms, offering all the amenities anyone could ask for during his holidays, with a sea-view and a luxury – 5 star like – resort feel.

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Because we want our patients to live longer and better.

Healthier procedure

OL-HDF(Online hemodiafiltration) is widely recognised as a safer, more comfortable and more efficient alternative to conventional hemodialysis.

Numerous publications attest to the significant advantages of OL-HDF in terms of removal of a broad spectrum of uremic toxins as well as anemia control, phosphate reduction, increased hemodynamic stability and blood pressure control, and decreased dialysis-related amyloidosis, just to mention a few.

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patients’ experiences

You are doing a great job. It is the first time I feel so good after a dialysis session! 

Irene, Greece

Reliable and, first and foremost, friendly and compassionate. Α positive first impression is created when contacting the receptionists.

Εvgenia, Greece

Nephroxenia is one of the best centers I have ever been to. Especially outstanding are the friendliness and diligence of the staff members.

Helmut, Germany

From the receptionists through the nurses and doctors everyone is friendly & extremely professional! A fantastic medical experience! 

Andre, UK

Nice to have such a clinic while travelling -  it makes you feel at home in Greece! 

Olga, russia

The clinic is located in a beautiful scenery, the view from the dialysis bed is nice.

Mohamed, UK

Nephroxenia units are lovely clinics, you should all be very proud! 

Amanda, France

It is obvious that the staff really care for the patients. 

Ilo, Finland

You have nothing that would make one jealous of US dialysis centres.

Stergios, USA

Nephroxenia is the best dialysis center I have visited in 2017 

Katrin, France

The medical and nursing staff reviewed any questions I had in-depth. Everyone was helpful, friendly and polite. 

Sorin, Romania

I have visited many dialysis centres in the world, and this is one of the best!

Juergen, Germany

Enjoy advanced HDF treatment and its beneficial effects in an unforgettable Mediterranean setting.

Don’t miss out on this amazing, therapeutical experience!

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