Nephroxenia IOANNINA

Nephroxenia Ioannina is established in a key location of the city, very close to the city center (5,3 km) and just 3,4 km from the inter-connected University Hospital.


The building 1250 m² in three levels, was renovated and restructured by a team of architects / civil engineers highly experienced in medical facilities. It’s located in the 3d kilometre of the National Highway Ioannina – Arta and is easily accessible by car.


Ioannina Clinic is equipped with modern - top of the line - Nikkiso® DBB-EXA® Dialysis monitors. The DBB-EXA is Nikkiso state of the art dialysis monitors for effective delivery of haemodialysis therapies. Having a top notch dialysis monitor is not enough, in Nephroxenia, we use strictly high quality dialyzers from esteemed European and Japanese manufacturers with proprietary membranes. In addition, all medical supplies and miscellaneous medical equipment required during dialysis treatment, are always chosen carefully to guarantee a safe and efficient treatment.

Water treatment

Judging by our "water drop" logo, one can easily assume, that we take our water very seriously. Double-pass reverse osmosis installation, one of the first ever with an on-line design (produced water supplied directly to the loop). By completely removing the tank between the pure water production and the dialysis machine, we achieve the highest possible quality of dialysis grade water, making a real difference in the treatment efficiency.

Leof. Anatolis 36 (3rd km Ethn. Odos Ioanninon-Artas), Ioannina, Greece 45221

+30 265 11 30 700
+30 265 11 30 709 (fax)
+30 6940 43 43 31 (24hr Emergency)

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