The metropolis of Thessaloniki has a population of over a million and is the biggest city in the northern part of Greece. Findings prove that Thessaloniki has been inhabited since prehistoric times, marked by multiculturalism, yet its present day modernised state is charmingly intertwined with archaeological sites, byzantine churches and other significant monuments from the past.

White Tower

Explore the city’s landmark, the White Tower, located on the seaside promenade. Within the tower runs a museum showcasing Thessaloniki’s history from its foundation up to 1922 as well as a charming collection concerning the city’s glorious Byzantine past. The fortified cylindrical structure (33.9m height and 22.7m diameter) was built in the 15th century during the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent and was later used during the Ottoman rule as a place of execution, which was called Canli Casteli meaning “tower of blood”. The origin of its current name dates to the 19th century.

Fill up with the energy of a vibrant city

Window shopping on Tsimiski Street, bar-hopping on Valaoritou Avenue, attending the International Film Festival in one of the warehouses of the port, listening to live music in the Ladadika district or walking through the vaulted arches and open-air markets… there are so many things do to in Thessaloniki, not to forget the city's nightlife which is legendary in Greece.

ROTONDA, KAMARA & Archaeological Museum

The Palace complex of Galerius and the Octagon building intended to be a throne hall with its impressive mosaics, the Rotonda (containing Early Christian mosaics) and Galerius Arch (aka Kamara) built in ca. 305 A. D. Visit the Ancient Agora (dating 3rd c. B.C. to the 5th c. A.D.), while in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, you’ll explore  artefacts such as the Petralona Hoard (a collection of bronze tools dating from the 3rd millennium BC) and the gold wreaths for which the Macedonians were famed.

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