Visit Chania on dialysis

World class dialysis, in Greece at last.

Since 2005, the technology for cardioprotective online haemodiafiltration was available, but at the time of writing, the majority of hospitals still haven't converted to this approach, not least of all due to financial reasons - they already have legacy conventional dialysis machines installed.

In general hospitals, dialysis was an afterthought, yet another procedure to perform on patients. Something that happened to sick people.

Nephroxenia is not a hospital.

New generation Dialysis Centers, built from the ground up to maximize patient comfort and satisfaction while ensuring the utmost safety and improved health.

You are not treated like just another patient to treat and release. From the pre-visit concierge assisting you with booking your stay and the warm welcome of our company transport to the scenic views, friendly staff, and relaxing roomy interior, your stay will be something you might just want to remember.

Nephroxenia Dialysis Center was designed specifically around the requirements of a modern kidney patient. The brand new, state of the art building with a total area of 1.500 m² over 3 levels was built with this sole purpose in mind. Located in Perivolia Therissou, the clinic is just 10 minutes away from the cultural and tourist center of Chania and only 3 minutes from Chania’s general hospital.

Amendments include:

Visit from abroad

Comfortably hosting CKD patients is our number one priority. Our in-house concierge is experienced with visitors from all over the world and makes short work of all the details regarding transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, restaurant and venue bookings, etc. 

All-inclusive packages are available, in collaboration with carefully chosen hotels in the city and across the beach-side.

Nephroxenia Dialysis Center serves holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), and so all citizens of the European Union. International visitors covered by other social or private insurance plan are also served at no extra cost.

Enjoy advanced HDF treatment and its beneficial effects in an unforgettable Mediterranean setting while you reconnect with your friends and make new ones.

HighVolumeHDF - Because we want our patients to live longer and better.

Healthier procedure:

OL-HDF(Online hemodiafiltration) is widely recognised as a safer, more comfortable and more efficient alternative to conventional hemodialysis. Numerous publications attest to the beneficial effects of OL-HDF in terms of removal of a broad spectrum of uremic toxins, anemia control, phosphate reduction, increased hemodynamic stability and blood pressure control and decreased dialysis-related amyloidosis to mention just a few. The numbers speak for themselves.

Improved Survival:

The estimated number needed to treat (NNT) showed that to prevent one annual death eight patients would need to be switched from haemodialysis to online haemodiafiltration.

Better patients' overall well-being:

Meet the team

12 experienced doctors and nurses spearheaded by Evaggelia Fraggedaki, prizewinning research nephrologist and MD, in close co-operation with an administrative department of 10. The clinic maintains very high standards when it comes to the academic status of its personnel, who are carefully selected and armed to the teeth with up to date procedures.

Every person affected by CKD should get the chance to benefit from HighVolumeHDF and the Nephroxenia experience.

Number one destination, more accessible than ever

Chania is one of the most internationally popular municipalities of Crete. This is due to its rich heritage, both in places of significant archaeological importance and in the innumerable preserved monuments in the city of Chania and in other areas of the municipality, evidence of its long history. One of the most significant archaeological sites that are preserved till today is the archaeological site of Kasteli, where you can see the ruins of the ancient Kydonia, the ancient Aptera and Intzedin castle.

Much of the Chania you are guaranteed to want to see is close to the Venetian harbor, just 12 minutes from Nephroxenia Chania. You can explore the narrow shopping streets or rest at the waterfront restaurants that offer a great variety of food in every , admiring an atmosphere similar to Florence and Venice but with the distinctive touch of the Cretan culture.

From ruins of ancient cities and museums to karting, modern water parks, scuba diving and paragliding Chania has it all, guaranteeing an enjoyable stay. Why not take a ride by the beach and then enjoy an insight into regional cuisine via a private tour designed for food lovers?

Nephroxenia - Better than dialysis.

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